Don't Buy a Puppy for Sale at a Pet Shop or Online

Take the pledge to not buy anything from a pet store that sells puppies. Most pet shop puppies come from puppy mills. Giving your business to stores that sell puppies supports the horrible puppy mill industry. If a store sells puppies, don't buy anything there! Buy all your pet supplies from pet stores that don't sell puppies, or buy your supplies online.

Make adoption your first option. If you’re looking to make a puppy part of your family, consider dog adoption and check your local shelters first. Not only will you be saving a life, but you will ensure that your money is not going to support a puppy mill. Shelters across the country have dogs and puppies for adoption that need loving homes. If you’re committed to a specific breed of dog and can't find what you're looking for at your local shelter, contact a rescue group for that breed.

Don’t buy a puppy in a pet store or online. Most pet store puppies come from puppy mills, and so do many puppies sold online. Anyone can put up a great-looking website boasting the highest standards of breeding and care, but you really have no way of knowing if such businesses are what they claim to be without seeing them for yourself. If you must buy, the best way to buy a puppy is to find a responsible, local puppy breeder. Truly responsible breeders will never ship you a puppy without meeting you first, and they never sell their pups to pet stores or brokers. They want to meet you before selling you one of their prized pups to be sure that he or she is going to a good home. Learn what makes a good dog breeder by visiting the ASPCA’s website.

Join the fight to protect puppy mill dogs. You can also take a more active role in fighting puppy mills by working with the ASPCA to pass legislation to protect all dogs bred to be pets.  The ASPCA is actively working on passing legislation to improve the care required for dogs in puppy mills as well as investigating puppy mill operations across the nation, rescuing countless dogs from ghastly conditions. Help us with these efforts by joining the ASPCA Advocacy Brigade.