Week in Review - Sept 16

Petland to phase out pet sales
Source: Calgary Herald

It’s being reported that Petland, a national pet retailer, is planning to phase out the sale of dogs and cats in its stores across Canada.

Day about evil of puppy mills: Letter
Source: NJ.com

Sept. 17 is Puppy Mill Awareness Day, so please allow me to warn readers about the dangers of buying animals from pet stores, classified ads, parking lots, or over the Internet.

Hawaiian Humane Society granted full custody of seized dogs
Source: Khon2.com

"There is probable cause to conclude that each and every one of the dogs impounded in feb was in fact subjected to violation(s)," said Judge Glenn Kim. "The puppies necessarily follow their mothers."

Chicago group sheds light on dog abuse for National Puppy Mill Awareness Day
Source: Examiner.com

Saturday is National Puppy Mill Awareness Day and various groups will be holding protests, marches and special events in an effort to educate more people about the plight of the dogs sold in pet stores.

Petland Canada Stops Selling Pets – Not USA
Source: Dancing Dog Blog

What about Petland USA? Are we not making our position clear enough, loud enough?

Puppy Mill Awareness Day
Source: dogs.about.com

WE are the ones who can make a difference. If puppy mills can't sell puppies, what's the point of staying in business? Sure, changes won't happen overnight, but if we spread the word, we can gradually make a difference.

The Emotional Impact of Puppy Mills
Source: coldnosesmag.com

Until we know more about the emotional impact of puppy mills on the pups they produce, we as citizens, have a responsibility to continue to educate others on this issue, and encourage friends, family, and community members to know where their dogs and puppies are coming from.