Week in Review - Oct 14

Will dog abuser be locked in basement?
Source: mcall.com

But why would anyone who really cares about the welfare of animals use that discretion to make this decision? Krepps assured me, "He can't be near the dogs." He lives there! Whom are we kidding?

Puppy mills leave lasting emotional scars, study finds
Source: usatoday.com

The psychological damage suffered by dogs living in puppy mills is profound and exists long after they've been rescued, a new study shows.

More than 19K sign puppy mill petition for White House
Source: newstribune.com

The petition is now the most popular animal-related petition on the White House website, and one of the top 15 overall.

100 dogs seized from home
Source: wkyt.com

After getting a search warrant, authorities found 119 dogs on the property, and many of them are described to be in such bad shape that animal workers say they cannot identify what breed they are.

Why German Shepherds Have Had Their Day
Source: nytimes.com

But dogs are not brands. Unlike Prada backpacks or Jimmy Choo shoes, demand for a certain breed can’t be relieved by merely ramping up production. Unscrupulous kennel owners and pet shops start producing puppies as fast as they can, even when the genetic mixes they’re creating aren’t healthy.

Why You’re NOT Doing a Good Deed When You “Rescue” that Pet Store Puppy
Source: dogster.com

…taking that dog only frees up that crate for the next 6-month-old dog who has missed the opportunity to spend its critical stages of development with a family who will treat him well. Eventually, another well-intentioned dog lover will feel pity for him and take him home. The cycle continues, ad infinitum.

Breaking News: 70 Malls Across US To Ban Pet Sales
Source: globalanimal.org

Macerich confirmed that they will not renew the leases of existing pet stores that sell animals and in their place, are opening humane stores offering adoptions of rescued pets.

Irvine bans retail sales of dogs, cats
Source: ocregister.com

On a 4-1 vote that drew a standing ovation, the City Council banned retail sales of dogs and cats, rodeos and circuses featuring exotic animals

Puppy mill and illegal pot operation busted in Jefferson City
Source: helenair.com

Responders on scene said they found dogs living in feces-encrusted pens. Many of the dogs are underweight and suffering from parasite infestation and untreated wounds. All the dogs were safely removed …

ASPCA Assists Rescue of 100+ Dogs from KY Puppy Mill
Source: aspca.org

The ASPCA Field Investigations and Response (FIR) Team is in Rowan County, Kentucky, helping care for 118 small-breed dogs including Chihuahuas, Dachshunds, Papillons, Min Pins and Poodles—several pregnant and some just a few weeks old—who were removed from horrifyingly filthy, cramped cages on October 6.